Fisheating Creek: El Salvaje Rio de los Everglades

The Florida Scrub Jay

Gopher Tortoise: Ecosystem Engineer

Las Sirenas de los Manantiales

Currents from Cuba

Corrientes de Cuba

El Renacer de los Everglades

Sawgrass Prairie 360

Las Selvas Tropicales de los Mayas

Rainforests of the Maya

You, Me and the Sea: Human Impact and the Coastal Everglades

Ghosts of the Western Glades

Trophic Levels & The Food Pyramid

The Food Web

Secrets of the Everglades

Gear I Use to Survive the Everglades

Constricted: Florida’s Exotic Invaders

South Florida’s National Parks

Metamorphosis: Life Cycle of the Zebra Butterfly

Symbiosis: Parasitism

Symbiosis: Commensalism

Symbiosis: Mutualism

Cenote: Passage to the Maya Underworld

Stalking the Grey Ghost

Carried by Currents

The Everglades: River of Grass

The Orchid Keepers

Crocodile Heaven

Sustainable Farming: The Maya Milpa Cycle

Full Length Films by Odyssey Earth


Prowling for Panthers

The Coral Reef Habitat

The Seagrass Habitat

Cypress Strands and Cypress Domes

The Hardwood Hammock Habitat




Invasion of the Snakeheads

The Amazing Courtship of Orb-Weaving Spiders

Owls of Florida

Sea Turtles and the Great Arribada

Artificial Reefs

Anhinga: Designed for Survival

American Alligator: Apex Predator

American Alligator: Reproduction

The Life Cycle of the Red Mangrove

Mangroves: Protectors of the Coast

Electrofishing and Citizen Science

Dragonfly Metamorphosis

The Properties of Water

The Birds of Cuba

Cuba’s Zapata Swamp

Cuba’s Gardens of the Queen

Mosquito Aw

Mosquito: Awfully Amazing

Sharks: Predators in Peril

Florida’s Pleistocene Mammals

No Fun Being a Fish

The Whale Shark

Flagship Species

The Yellow-Head Jawfish

The Bobcat

The Florida Softshell Turtle

The Alligator Snapping Turtle

The Upside-Down Jellyfish

The Nine-Banded Armadillo

The Cottonmouth

The Spaghetti Worm

The Lettuce Sea Slug

The Common Octopus