The Birds of Cuba

Cuba, like many islands, is rich with endemic life. Twenty seven species of birds can be found nowhere else in the world.

________ feeds primarily on crabs

“Endemic” species are species that are common all over the world

Only woodpeckers nest in woodpecker holes

The bee hummingbird is the _______ bird in the world

Islands are known to have high rates of endemism. This is natural, because islands are so geographically isolated. On islands, the highest rates of endemism are usually found in organisms that aren’t as mobile, like plants. Reptiles and amphibians are another good example because they are usually not well-equipped to cross large bodies of water. Birds are a different story because, of course, they can fly. Many birds, like the peregrine falcon, migrate huge distances. Of the endemic Cuban birds we learned about, why do you think they’ve stayed put? You might start with the bee hummingbird.

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