Sea Turtles and the Great Arribada

On just a few beaches in the world, thousands of ridley sea turtles come ashore to nest at the same time. Check out one of nature’s great spectacles.

Olive Ridley sea turtles lay about ______ eggs

Which of the following is true of sea turtles:

The average temperature of each developing egg will determine the hatchling’s

How many species of sea turtles visit Florida’s waters?

Sea turtle hatchlings are not raised and nurtured by their parents…in fact they will likely never even cross paths. They’re on their own from the beginning, and they are small and vulnerable at the beginning. This means they face a lot of threats ahead of them. The chance of reaching adulthood for a sea turtle, unsurprisingly, is less than .01%

How many eggs does an Olive Ridley sea turtle lay at one time? How do you think this might be an adaptation to ensure species survival? Compare this method of procreation to another animal, say that of a Florida manatee and discuss the differences in reproductive adaptation.

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