Reading the Florida Landscape: Freshwater

Learning about our natural world is a lifelong journey that can take many paths; with each new learning experience, there is a gateway to fresh opportunities. Even expert ecologists and naturalists continually strive to expand their knowledge because nature is dynamic and understanding how and why ecosystems change in response to actions and even events can guide future strategies to sustain environmental health and achieve conservation goals.

“As a physician and naturalist, I look for key signs and markers on the body, and an ecologist does the same for our landscaper. What is healthy and what is not? Both of us see ghosts on the landscape of our chosen terrain and readily detect what had been living and thriving before and what has been replaced or changed. An ecologist reads the land and can readily sense what maladies are occurring and what needs to be done to maintain the natural order. How can we all learn from this? First, we need to absorb what the ecologist reads and how it is read. We all look at the same landscape. How can we improve our reading of the landscape?”

Dr. Robert Norman, Reading the Florida Landscape

Reading the Florida Landscape: Freshwater was produced by Dr. Robert Norman and Odyssey Earth through a grant from the Felburn Foundation

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